Why do I have diabetes?

When a child is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes it not only affects the child’s life but the family as a whole. The process of learning about diabetes and making adjustments continues for a long time, may be years and in this journey many times one question arises, “why does my child has type 1 diabetes” or a teenager may think, “why do I have diabetes”?

Type 1 diabetes is not caused by wrong eating habits or lifestyle nor is it a sin or punishment. The question still remains unanswered as to why some children get it. The answer to this question is not as important as is the fact that with the help of regular insulin injections, proper monitoring and incorporation of nutritious foods and physical activity into each day, one can enjoy a relatively normal, healthy life.

Every day technology for taking insulin is changing. Now we have finer thin and small needles, which are almost painless. We have smart glucose monitoring devices and somewhere research to find a cure is making progress. While we're not there yet, in our vision of changing diabetes we always hope to find a cure for type 1 diabetes.


When you / your child was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, what was the best source of information on living with diabetes?
Diabetes educator or nursing staff
Social worker in clinics
Online information from websites
Social media networks
Parents of other children (Peer group support)

Learn about type 1 diabetes

Mishti Plays Snake & Ladder

Help your friend Mishti to learn and understand about diabetes through Snake & Ladder game

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