Support For Health Care Professionals

The CDiC program, in collaboration with the International Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD), focuses on capacity building among the healthcare professionals (HCPs) to enhance their capabilities in diagnosis and treatment of children with type1 diabetes.

Many HCPs confuse management of type 1 is similar to management of type 2 diabetes. Most of the treatment protocols too focus on type 2 diabetes. The Changing Diabetes(R) in Children (CDiC) program along with 21 centre directors is helping HCPs overcome these challenges by providing continuous training through focused healthcare programs on management of children with type1 diabetes.

For medicial professionals, learning is a lifelong process. And with medical knowledge being updated regularly, accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) plays a key role in improving knowledge and standard of medical care like never before.

Agenda :

Our CMEs have standardized agenda with pre-defined elements.

  1. Epidemiology , cause of diabetes in children- Global/Indian scenario
  2. Clinical features and diagnosis of type 1 DM
  3. Management of type 1 DM in children – Insulin
  4. Type 1 emergencies - management of DKA
  5. Living with diabetes - meal planning and exercise in type 1 DM
  6. Psychosocial aspects of type 1 DM
  7. Chronic complications and prevention
  8. Discussion of practical problems and cases

Key speakers In CMEs conducted till date


  • Dr Warren Lee
  • Prof Stephen Greene
  • Dr. Alexandra Greene
  • Dr Ragnar Hanas

National speakers
Centre directors

  • Prof. K.M.Prasannakumar
  • Prof. Raghupathy
  • Dr. S.S.Srikanta
  • Dr. P.V.Rao
  • Dr. Rajesh Joshi
  • Dr. Rishi Shukla
  • Dr. Archana Sarda
  • Dr. P.K.Jabbar
  • Dr. Meenu Hariharan
  • Dr. Vijay Vishwanathan
  • Dr. Bipin Sethi
  • Dr. Banshi Saboo
  • Dr. Sunil M Jain
  • Dr. Vaman Khadilikar
  • Dr. Nikhil Tandon
  • Dr. Nalini Shah


  • Dr. Anju Virmani
  • Dr. Pravin Kalvit
  • Dr. Abhishek Kulkarni
  • Dr. Girish Subraminium
  • Dr. Aspi Irani
  • Dr. Sudha Rao
  • Dr. Aparna Limaye
  • Dr. Anjana Hulse
  • Dr. Thushanth
  • Dr. Mathew John
  • Dr. Anish Gosh
  • Dr. Jaya Prakash
  • Dr. Nisha .B
  • Dr. Raju Gopal
  • Dr. Anish Bhel
  • Dr. Babu Rajendra Naik
  • Dr. Krishna Seshadri
  • Dr. Sanjay Reddy
  • Dr. Neeta Deshpande
  • Dr. S R Aravind
  • Dr. Santosh Malpani
  • Dr. Chandrashekhar Ashtekar
  • Dr. Ruchi Mehta

Details of key activities

  • Around 3,000 doctors and 2,000 paramedical staff trained in CMEs workshops on type1 diabetes
  • CMEs accredited by the local medical council
  • Approximately 2000 books and 2000 CDs of ISPAD book on type1 management distributed
  • Unique, “Handbook for Diabetes Educators and Nurse Educators”, created with the support of all CDiC center heads distributed during these programs
  • Improved attendance in HCP programs after accreditation
  • ISPAD book on type 1 diabetes translated in hindi for larger reach among HCPs.



You can find more information and books on type 1 diabetes in Diabetes Education - Health Care Professionals


When you / your child was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, what was the best source of information on living with diabetes?
Diabetes educator or nursing staff
Social worker in clinics
Online information from websites
Social media networks
Parents of other children (Peer group support)

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