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Changing Diabetes® in Children programme presented the ‘Award of Recognition by RSSDI, Asia’s leading organisation of HCPs

The Changing Diabetes® in Children program, in India was given a special recognition for providing ‘exceptional care to children with type 1 diabetes’, on the national platform by Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI) at their 44th annual conference in Hyderabad. Formed in 1972, RSSDI is a leading organisation of diabetes healthcare professionals and researchers in Asia, with more than 5500 life-members from across the country, through 14 state chapters and the congress usually attracts more than 10,000 participants each year.

The project which has been transforming lives of thousands of children with type 1 diabetes in India since 2011 was given the ‘RSSDI Award of Recognition’ appreciating the initiatives of Novo Nordisk India and NNEF (Novo Nordisk Education Foundation), which has benefitted children across the country. The award also commends the program for providing impeccable benefits, comprehensive coverage and quality of delivery. The award was accepted by Vinay Ransiwal, Trustee Novo Nordisk Education Foundation.

Thanking RSSDI for the award, Vinay Ransiwal, MAPA Director said: “The Changing Diabetes® in Children programme is our commitment towards supporting children with type 1 diabetes for living a healthy, normal life. Through this initiative, we are touching lives of over 4,000 children across India, by working closely with local partners to deliver sustainable solutions to improve lives of children with type 1diabetes both now and in the future.”

The Changing Diabetes® in Children is an iconic programme, implemented as a public-private partnership with a group of local partners. In India, the programme provides free insulin, free medical advice by experienced healthcare professionals, regular awareness and education workshops to update the children and parents on latest in diabetes care. The programme has around 4063 children registered in the programme across 21 centres and 27 satellite centres across India.


When you / your child was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, what was the best source of information on living with diabetes?
Diabetes educator or nursing staff
Social worker in clinics
Online information from websites
Social media networks
Parents of other children (Peer group support)

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