Program Benefit

The CDiC is the first of its kind program in India which aims to reach children with type 1 diabetes up to the age of 25 years at time of enrolment from the underprivileged families.

Key benefits for child enrolled in CDiC program

  • Free Novo Pen 4 and insulin cartridges
  • Free Novo Fine needles
  • Free syringes 31G
  • Free glucose meter and strips
  • Health education and counselling
  • Psychosocial support
  • Diabetes education camps

As registration for CDiC program is closed now, we support children with type 1 diabetes from underpriviliged through Novo Aid program, in which the child gets free human insulin. please feel free to reach out to us ,if you come across any child with diabetes satisfying the below criteria :

  • Less than 18 years of age and
  • From the economically underprivileged class


When you / your child was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, what was the best source of information on living with diabetes?
Diabetes educator or nursing staff
Social worker in clinics
Online information from websites
Social media networks
Parents of other children (Peer group support)

Learn about type 1 diabetes

Mishti Plays Snake & Ladder

Help your friend Mishti to learn and understand about diabetes through Snake & Ladder game

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